Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Cardiovascular yoga sequence

60 min practice list and sequence – cardiac problem. -Pranayama: Yogic breathing pranayama,   sheetali Pranayama -Stretches:  Vajrasana/    sukhasana,  arms extended front stretches,  arms extended side stretches, arms extended up stretches. Along with breathing -Hands track relax -Stretches: Balasana stretches, arms extended forward. Arm by the hips variation -Hands back relax -Stretches fat- cow, Bhadkona asana […]

Yoga sequence for back pain issue, slip disc and sciatica

60 min practice list and sequence – back pain issue, slip disc, and sciatica. – Pranayama: Nadi Shyodhna and Anulom-vilom – Warm-up: Cat-cow, Bad asana stretch, – Standing Asanas: Tadasana,  Vrikshasana,  Utkatasana,  (  add  Uttita Trikona,  Parsvakona  Asana from   sciatica patients, major back pain can skip or use modifications{, Warrior 1 -Sitting Asanas: Vajrasana, Ustrasna, […]


Knee Pain Techniques Toe Bending (forward & backward) Ankle bending (forward & backward) Ankle Rotation (clockwise & anti-clockwise) Knee bending & straightening Knee Rotation (clockwise & anti-clockwise) Knee Cap loosening & tightening Knee cap passive rotation (forward, backward, right side, left side, clockwise & anti-clockwise) Half Butterfly Full Butterfly Savasana   1. Toe Bending (forward […]

Common Bone Disorders

Common Bone Disorders Osteoporosis- Osteoporosis is a common disease that weakens bones, characterized with the prominent porous formation in the shaft or articulating part of the bone. As bones weaken, your risk of sudden and unexpected fractures increases. Rickets- Rickets is a skeletal disorder that results from a lack of vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate. […]

Abnormal Breathing and Breathing Disorders:

Abnormal Breathing and Breathing Disorders Apnea:Absence of breathing. Orthopnea:Only able to breathe comfortably in upright, unable to breath laying down Dyspnea: Subjective sensation related by patient as to breathing difficulty Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea – attacks of severe shortness of breath that wake a person from sleep, such that they have to sit up to catch […]


YOGA FOR SCIATICA Pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve is called as sciatica   CAUSES Injury Ruptured disc or osteoarthritis of the lower spine Tumours of the pelvis Exposures to cold and damp Deformities of the lower spine   CLINICAL FEATURES Onset may be sudden or gradual Constant aching pain is felt in […]


YOGA FOR PEPTIC ULCER It refers to an ulceration of the mucous membrane of the oesophagus, stomach or duodenum due to action of the acid gastric juice. It is one of the common diseases prevalent in adults which may be mostly found in the stomach (Gastric ulcer) or in the duodenum (Duodenal Ulcer) CAUSES Heredity […]


YOGA FOR OBESITY The deposition of excessive fat around the body is called obesity.   CAUSES Familial and genetic predisposition Drugs Diseases such as hypothyroidism and pituitary disease Behavioral changes High fat diet Alcohol Decreasing physical activity Smoking   PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT Reduced calorie intake Increased physical activity Weight maintenance diets   DIETARY CONSIDERATION The […]


YOGA FOR MIGRAINE It can be defined as paroxysmal headache, generally on one side of the head.  It is also known as sick headache because nausea and vomiting occasionally accompany the excruciating pain which lasts for as long as three days. Migraine usually gives warning before it strikes. Black spots or a brilliant zigzag lines […]


YOGA FOR LOW BACK ACHE CAUSES Muscular tension – lack of exercise. Joint Strain – Resulting from sitting for a long time, improper lifting of weights, high heels, emotional problems. Which may came painful muscle camp. Poor posture – Results from soft chairs and coaches sleeping on too soft a mattress. Acute or chronic illnesses […]