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A yoga workshop gives you the opportunity to learn and practice something in the area of your interest. For example, if the theme of your yoga workshop is Yoga for Stress Management, then you can learn everything about STRESS and how to manage it with the help of YOGA.

Lotus yoga workshop starts at 9 am in the morning and ends at 6 pm in the evening or the timing can be also customized as per your requirements.

Lotus Yoga offers one day or 2 days yoga workshop at your place.

How many people can join in a yoga workshop?

Up to 30 people.

Yoga Workshop course contents

It depends on the theme you choose for your yoga workshop. Generally there will be lectures based on the topic and followed by practices.

The core practices include selected yoga postures (asana), yoga breathing (pranayama), guided meditation and relaxation.

How to apply for a yoga workshop

To apply and know the charges for a yoga workshop please mail to us with the following information:

  1. i) Please mention your location with landmark (for example if your location is Bangalore, please mention which part of Bangalore with landmark),
  2. ii) The approximate number of people joining the yoga workshop,

iv)Please mention your preferred dates and timing for the yoga workshop.

Once we receive your query, we shall get back to you as early as possible.

Qualification and experienced of Lotus Yoga Trainers

Lotus Yoga trainers are well qualified, experienced professionals dedicated for the cause of yoga.

We offer the following themes for the yoga workshop:


  1. Yoga for wellness
  2. Yoga for Stress Management
  3. Yoga for Weight Loss
  4. Yoga for Beginners
  5. Yoga for Women
  6. Yoga for Senior Citizen


  1. Yoga for Back Pain
  2. Yoga for Arthritis (OA & RA)
  3. Yoga for computer related health problems
  4. Yoga for Diabetes
  5. Yoga for Weight Loss
  6. Yoga for Insomnia or Sleeplessness
  7. Yoga Bronchial Asthma
  8. Yoga for Hypertension
  9. Yoga for Heart Problem
  10. Yoga for Anxiety & depression

For booking and more details, please write to:

Manager (Karuna Yoga)

karunaayoga@gmail.com or Mob: 9686549129

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