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Mudra Therapy Certification Course (Online/Offline)

What you’ll learn

  • Know which Hand Mudras are used to heal common ailments.
  • Gain the ability to use Mudras for yourself, friends, family, and healing clients.
  • Learn to harness your innate energy force with Mudra Therapy.
  • Use Mudra Mediations to create more peace within yourself.

What are mudras?

  • The word “mudra” originates from an ancient language which means creating an intentional seal that draws a purpose forward.
  • Mudras are gestures used to heal and manage energy, to enhance the sensory channels, to guide spiritual energy, to process aspects of the mind, to promote relaxation, to increase regeneration, and to enhance overall wellness.
  • The ancient spiritual teachers taught students deep life truths through their hand gestures. Mudras served as a reminder of the intention to live a peaceful, balanced, unattached life. Religious traditions used these mudras in meditation and yoga practices as a way to connect to these universal truths. They can be seen in art forms around the world and in devotional settings.
  • As you continue working with the Mudras for Healing Course you will begin to receive alternate benefits of healing holistically. When you start to take the power into your own hands you bring your healing energy with you everywhere you go.
  • More peace within the self resolves internal and external chaos. This course will grant you the ability to enhance peace within your direct community.
  • Mudras for Healing Course is beneficial for individuals interested in deepening their ability to harness their innate energy force.
  • There is no prior knowledge needed to learn from the Mudras for Healing Course. It is taught from a fundamental level and works in progression towards the finer aspects of working with Yoga Mudras.
  • As you advance through the Mudras for Healing course you will learn the ability to use Mudras and how to offer them for yourself, friends, family, and healing clients.
  • Once enrolled in the Mudras for Healing course, immediately start working with yoga mudras and increase self-mastery. As an ongoing practice of Yoga Mudras continues, start to see the effectiveness in your own life.

Requirements: There is no prior knowledge needed to learn from the Mudras for Healing Course. It is taught from a fundamental level and works in progression towards the finer aspects of working with Yoga Mudras.

Description: The Mudra Therapy Certification Course is packed with 12 hours of mudra lessons and amazing articles that will amplify your power to heal.

Get the Mudras for Healing Course and learn what mudras are used for, ​​types of mudras in hatha yoga and specific mudras to help heal common ailments.

  • Learn to use mudras to relieve stress and reduce headaches.
  • Practice using mudras to help with depression, sleep disorders and even aid in digestion.
  • Know which mudras are used to heal common ailments.
  • Gain the ability to use mudras for yourself, friends, family, and healing clients.


● Mobile Phone or Laptop

● Good internet connection

● Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures

● A nice notebook to take notes

● A Yoga Mat to practice on

● A desire to complete this training program

Course Certification

Karuna yoga Vidya Peetham has introduced this online/offline Mudra Therapy Certification Course course, which can be used to become a qualified mudra therapist anywhere in India. Our certified mudra  course ensure that students receive the most up-to-date information on how to direct energy flow, its benefits, and how to apply various yogic mudras to achieve the finest healing results. After completion of this course, you will receive a certification valid International level.

Mudra Therapy Curriculum – Level -1

Mudras in Hatha Yoga

Theory with Detail Explanations

Principles of balance, increase and decrease of five elements.

Applications of mudra on our body.

Guidelines to practice mudra.

Existence of 5 elements and science.

Relationship between 5 elements (Pancha Tattva) and Doshas.

General Mudras and Therapeutic Mudras to cure and prevent illness.


Mudra with Body (Kaya Mudra)

 Mudra with Mind (Mana Mudra)

 Mudra with Locks (Bandha Mudra)

 Mudra with Perennial Part (Adhara Mudra)

 Mudra with fingers (Hastha Mudra) or Tattva (Elements) Mudra

Mudra Therapy Curriculum – Level -2

  • History of mudras
  • Benefits of mudras
  • Mudras and prana
  • Mudras and tridoshas
  • Mudras and chakras
  • Mudra and Pancha Mahabhutas
  • Mudra and meditation:
  • Guidelines for practicing mudras
  • What Are Mudras Used For
  • ​​Types Of Mudras In Hatha Yoga
  • Mudra For Heart
  • Mudra For Eyes
  • Mudra For Nose
  • ​​​​Mudra For Liver
  • ​​Yoga Mudra For Lungs
  • Mudra For Kidney
  • Mudra For Skin
  • Mudra For Acidity
  • Yoga Mudra For Arthritis
  • Yoga Mudra For Asthma
  • Mudra For Blood
  • ​​Mudra For Cold And Cough
  • Mudra Therapy For Diabetes
  • ​​Yoga Mudra For Digestion
  • Mudra For Vertigo Dizziness
  • Mudra Therapy For Headache
  • Yoga Mudra For Gas
  • Mudra For Periods
  • Mudra For Stress Relief
  • Mudra Therapy For Weight Loss
  • Yoga Mudra For Weight Gain
  • Yoga Mudra For Depression
  • ​​Mudra For Love
  • Mudras For Meditation
  • Yoga Mudra For Sleep
  • Mudra For Chakras
  • Mudras For The Elements
  • Hand And Finger Strengthening Exercises

What’s the language of the course?

Our courses will be held in English Medium.

Duration: 12 hrs

Self-Paced/ Flexible Duration: Online or Regular Mode.


  • Indian citizens INR 15,000 (non-refundable) advance towards the course fee.
  • Foreigners USD 250 (non-refundable) advance towards the course fee.

Course Dates: Please Contact Us (karunaayoga@gmail.com  or +91 9686549129)

12 hours – Mudra Therapy Certification Course

What is Yoga Continuing Education Courses (YACEP)

We offer various training programs to deepen knowledge and improve teaching skills through various yoga teacher training courses. Continuing education is a post-learning, formal learning program for yoga practitioners that can have credit courses as well as non-credit courses. These courses are intended to allow an individual to extend their insight and develop their abilities in a particular field. Numerous callings even expect individuals to take up Continuing Education to have the option to recharge their permit and seek after their training.

Continuing education in yoga mainly serves two purposes

  • To deepen your existing knowledge and skills.
  • To teach you new skills and techniques related to teaching yoga.

Yoga Alliance Registered Continuing Education Provider, Courses Open to Everyone.

This course is eligible for Continued Education (CE) credits with Yoga Alliance. It is accredited by Yoga Alliance and it can be used as a continuing education course (YACEP) for Register Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance

Deepen your practice and your knowledge

Are you are yoga professional or a curious practitioner and wish to deepen your yoga knowledge and techniques? Then a continuing education course may be something for you! You will learn selected specialized yoga topics that will allow you to expand your horizons when it comes to your personal practice or that of your students. With the knowledge you will acquire, you will gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of anatomical and energetic body layers, and develop a more complete insight into yoga.

International Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion of the Mudra and Pranayama Certificate Course, which you can count towards your continuing education. Our yoga teacher training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA.

Terms & Conditions:

After the payment of the course fee, you will receive a link to access the classes through zoom. This short-term course is only meant for sincere students of Yoga practitioners. Without submitting the required assignments, you will not receive a certification. Please note that the course fee is non-refundable. However, if you can’t start the course due to severe circumstances, please get in touch with us and we’ll find a solution for you.

How to Register?

You can apply online with the application, fee of INR 10,000 (non-refundable) advance towards the course fee or Please Contact Us (karunaayoga@gmail.com  or +91 9686549129)