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Yoga for Seniors

 Growing old is the stage when you have more time for yourself, your family, recreation, and relaxation. However, it is also a time when you are more susceptible to ailments that are linked to age such as arthritis, rheumatism, incontinence, and high blood pressure. Yoga is a form of exercise that adapts to your needs and abilities and deals with your whole being. It makes your body fitter, the mind calmer, and can help you deal with emotional issues that are linked with age. It helps you to accept who you are, the state you are in and creates a positive approach in life. Classes are designed for senior citizens and those who want to take a more gentle class to improve general mobility, health, and well-being.

Online Yoga Classes for seniors (geriatric yoga)

Yoga for seniors

As we get older, body flexibility decreases, memory declines, balance can be impaired and we become prone to chronic diseases. While aging, body cannot afford too much medicines and come back with side effects. The best way to stay healthy and happy for older adults is to start practicing yoga for seniors.

Age Is Not Barrier for Senior Yoga Practice

Very gentle series of yoga for elderly on the floor or in the chair can help slow down the effect of ageing process by improving overall health and happiness. When muscles are stiff, body is not flexible and physical condition is limited, starting from ‘Beginning Yoga Classes for seniors’ is perfect choice.

Reasons to Start Yoga for seniors.

•Seniors face several challenges – life threatening illness, joint pains, extra weight, loneliness, anxiety, stress, mental disorder and many more. Researchers found that proper yoga practices reduces mortality rate by one-third. A senior who attends senior yoga classes, can beat the chronic diseases by up to 40 percent.

•Specially designed yoga classes for seniors include stretching, breathing, meditation, gentle yoga poses and relaxation to balance flexibility and spirit. With regular yoga practises, seniors develop better mobility and range of motion in their joints and spine.

•Elderly yoga classes help senior yogis to prevent heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes and all other health issues at their age.

•It is found that a 3-month senior yoga classes significantly improves respiratory function to senior and boost their energy levels.

•Yoga for seniors reduces stress, anxiety, depression and make all senior yogis happy. It improves sleeping habit and live a healthy happy life.

 Benefits of yoga for seniors

•Improves balance and makes them steady on their feet: The yoga poses for seniors help to strengthen their core and abdominal muscles. As a result, they gain better stability and control of their body reducing their risk of falls.

•Enhanced breathing capacity and respiratory health: Elderly people who practice breathing control or pranayama in yoga have been seen to have a significant improvement in their lung capacity and pulmonary health.

•Increases flexibility: Yoga postures and movements involves stretching exercises which is beneficial for seniors. Holding and releasing a pose in rhythm with their breathing relaxes their muscles and connective tissues thereby increasing their flexibility and range of motion.

•Stronger bones: As we age, the risk of brittle bones and osteoporosis increases. A consistent routine for yoga for seniors involving weight-bearing postures can go a long way in improving bone strength and density.

•Reduces anxiety and stress: Yoga practices encompass meditation and mindful breathing, which help a person fix their mind on the present and find a sense of peace. This also lowers their cortisol levels and reduces anxiety and stress.

•Better sleep: Insomnia and disturbed sleep are common complaints among people over the age of 60. Regular participation in yoga classes for senior citizens can help to promote restful sleep and improve the duration and quality of sleep.

Yoga for seniors: Your Questions Answered

Q. Can people above the age of 60 do yoga asanas?

A. Yes, seniors can do yoga asanas. According to ancient sages, yoga means to unite. It is the study of life as well as your inner faculties. The inner faculties involve your body, mind, ego, memory, intellect, and even your breath. That is why people of all ages and walks of life can practice yoga and enjoy the various benefits it offers.

Q. Is there any easy yoga asana that senior beginners can try?

A. Yes, there is a yoga asana for senior beginners called Sukshma yoga. It can be practised independently and as a part of the yoga plan. This yoga involves simple exercises for the eyes, hands, necks, and jaws. It takes only a few minutes and can be practised by people of any age group.

Q. How should seniors perform yoga asanas?

A. As per the sages, yoga can be also defined as Sthira Sukham Asana. It means an asana constitutes comfort and stability. So, anyone performing yoga, be it a younger or elderly person, needs to be aware of their posture. As long as the posture is stable and comfortable, there will be no harm.

Q. What is the difference between general yoga and yoga for seniors?

A. The types of yoga asanas suggested to the younger and elders can be the same. However, the only difference can be the time, effort, flexibility involved in a posture. People with lower endurance levels are advised not to perform asanas involving abdominal and cardiovascular movements.

Q. Can seniors benefit from chair yoga?

A. Yes, chair yoga can offer numerous health benefits to seniors. This yoga is performed by staying seated, thereby eliminating your safety concerns. It means that even seniors who are not flexible can practice it. It is a great yoga that can help older adults to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and stretch and relax painful muscles.

Are there any safety measures for seniors to follow while practising yoga?

Seniors can follow a few safety measures like:

•   Taking adequate rest after each pose

•   Switching warm-ups with joint movements and brisk walking

•   Practicing yoga under the supervision of a trained yoga instructor

•   Letting the yoga instructor know in case of any ailments

•   Focusing on repeating poses instead of holding a posture for long

•   Adjusting the body to a daily yoga routine before trying out new asanas

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