Karuna Yoga

Yoga for Seniors

 Growing old is the stage when you have more time for yourself, your family, recreation, and relaxation. However, it is also a time when you are more susceptible to ailments that are linked to age such as arthritis, rheumatism, incontinence, and high blood pressure. Yoga is a form of exercise that adapts to your needs and abilities and deals with your whole being. It makes your body fitter, the mind calmer, and can help you deal with emotional issues that are linked with age. It helps you to accept who you are, the state you are in and creates a positive approach in life. Classes are designed for senior citizens and those who want to take a more gentle class to improve general mobility, health, and well-being.

For booking and more details, please write to: karunaayoga@gmail.com or +91 9686549129