Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Note: Fee should be paid by student, according to the topics, desired by learner.



Yoga Internships for Teachers and Instructors – Bangalore, India.

Discover your confidence and distinctive voice through the path of our Internship program as a Yoga Trainer.

Have you completed your 200/300/500/100-hour yoga teacher training? Are you looking to expand your skills? Further your education with the Internship program at karuna yoga Vidya peetham!

Mentorship is a foundational aspect in becoming a yoga teacher and has been a part of the teaching journey for as long as these teachings have been shared. Taking a 200 hour training course is a great first step, but often leaves a gap for graduates as they step out into the world.

  • Our internships are exclusive to trainees who graduate from our 50, 100, 200 & 500 Hr Teacher Training Certificate Courses.
  • Graduate are eligible to apply for an internship position with our school to help them gain confidence in the role of teacher.
  • You will have the opportunity to work alongside and assist our senior teachers and management team on our trainings, developing invaluable teaching, adjusting and classroom management skills in a professional and supportive environment.
  • The aim of this program is for interns to make the transition from graduate trainee to teacher by assisting senior teachers in a 200 hour training setting.
  • It is an incredible opportunity to revise and deepen your knowledge by establishing and meeting learning outcomes based upon your own personal needs.
  • As an intern, assisting at our trainings also allows you to refresh and update the knowledge and skills already gained as a graduate of our TTC.

Our Internship Program offers you the stepping stones towards becoming a teacher.

This program is suitable for:

•Newly trained 200/300/500/100Hr Certified Yoga Teachers and Certified Yoga Teachers with minimal teaching experience

The Details:

• Over the course of one months the Intern Teacher will:

1. Observe two weeks of classes (2 classes per week)

2. Assist two weeks of classes (2 classes per week)

  • Have you completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program but hesitated to start teaching?
  • Are you teaching the occasional class but struggling to break through into studios?

We offer one-month or self-paced internships for new and aspiring yoga teachers in Bangalore.  We’ll look at and re-calibrate all areas of your current teaching profile and develop a clear strategy for getting you into studios.


We want to hear from you and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are concerning your yoga teaching. What are your dreams and goals for your teaching future? How can we integrate your life experiences into a yoga class and support you in finding the right yoga career path that suits your lifestyle and goals?

What we do?

We ask you to teach a class either in-person in the studio or online. We will give you detailed feedback from the class. We will discuss sequencing, creativity, tone of voice and cues, the effectiveness of your music, holding a space, verbal and/or physical adjustments performed and the ability to adapt the class to the students present, in terms of injuries or limitations.  We want to know why you teach the way you do and give you pointers on how to polish your skills and make you stand out.

To whom it’s for?

This program is uniquely designed for any type of certified yoga teachers seeking to expand their teaching skills with individualized coaching and support.


•You must have at least a 50/100/200-hour yoga teaching certificate from a Yoga Alliance or any other certified yoga school

•You must have an open mind with a desire to grow

•You must be open to receiving feedback by embracing the opportunity of being guided by your mentor and peers.

Student Progress Assessment

•You will receive weekly feedback from your mentor during your mentorship sessions.

•Your progress will be evaluated based on teaching skills, participation and homework.

•You must attend all required meetings, classes and finish all homework.

What you will gain through internships with us?

With your mentor, you will create tangible goals to personalize the yoga mentorship program based on what you need.  Some topics your personalized mentorship program can focus on would be from one or any of the following:

What you’ll learn?

• Sequencing

• Alignment

• Cuing

• Language

• Speaking Skills

• Practice Teaching

• Assists (verbal & hands-on)

• Professional Skills

• Classroom Management & Observation

• How to build a class

• Advanced Cuing and Refinements

• Anatomy

• Physiology

• Biomechanics

• Kinesiology

• Yin yoga

• Yoga therapy

• Vinyasa yoga

• Restorative yoga

• Hatha yoga

• Business of Yoga

• Studio guidelines

• Your role as a teacher “space holder”

• Boundaries and responsibilities

• Anatomy of postures

• Philosophy of movement

• How to hold space for every “body”

• Teaching ethics and guidelines

• Teacher/student practice sessions

• The art of holding space for yourself

• How receive more abundance while prioritizing your own well being

• Sequencing-how to create classes for a variety of levels, themes, & needs

• How to learn, teach, modify and sequence asanas (poses)

• How to create and lead a workshop

• How to create and lead a retreat

• How to practice and lead meditation

• How to practice and teach Hatha Flow, Hatha, Yin & Restorative yoga

• The business of yoga

• How to market yourself and business

• How to find your niche & what lights you up and grow into that!

• Observation

• Getting to know the student body

• Teaching new students

• Observing seasoned students

How to register?

You will fill in a mentorship form, which will detail which topics are relevant to you in each module. As a group, we will discuss/decide what needs to be covered during our time together when we have our initial talk. 

Fee: 50 hrs of Mentorship INR: 20,000

Types of Mentorship Offered and Price

Mode 1: Hatha Yoga Teaching Mentorship

Mode 2: Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Mentorship

Mode 2: Yin Yoga Teaching Mentorship

Mode 2: Yoga Therapy   Teaching Mentorship

Mode 2: Restorative Yoga Teaching Mentorship

Duration of the Program: Self-Paced

How to apply ?

Please reach us for further at karunaayoga@gmail.com or 9686549129