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Zen meditation, also known as Zazen, is a type of meditation that originated in Zen Buddhism. It involves sitting in a specific posture and focusing on the breath or a mantra, with the goal of achieving a state of mindfulness and clarity.

The practice of Zen meditation involves sitting in a specific posture, usually in a seated position with the legs crossed and the hands resting on the knees. The back is kept straight, and the eyes are kept slightly open, with a soft gaze directed towards the floor.

Once in this position, the practitioner focuses on the breath, counting each inhalation and exhalation up to a specific number, such as ten. If the mind becomes distracted, the practitioner gently returns their focus to the breath and begins counting again.

Zen meditation can also be practiced with a focus on a mantra or koan, which is a type of riddle or paradox that is used to provoke deep contemplation and insight. The practitioner repeats the mantra or koan silently in their mind, focusing on it with single-minded attention.

The benefits of Zen meditation include reduced stress, increased clarity and focus, and greater emotional stability. Research has also shown that regular practice of Zen meditation can lead to changes in the brain that are associated with positive emotions and increased well-being.

Overall, Zen meditation is a powerful tool for developing mindfulness and achieving a sense of inner peace and clarity. While it is rooted in Buddhist tradition, it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their background or religious beliefs.

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