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Yogis advocate occasional fasts, particularly helpful in times of illness, in order to give the stomach a rest.   The recuperative energy may thereby be directed toward the casting out of the toxins and poisonous matter that have been causing the trouble.  It is also noted that animals fast when unwell. They stop caring whilst they are sick, lie around until they are normal once again and then return to their food.

 Fasting – the practice of abstaining from all or certain foods and liquids – has long attracted spiritual seekers and health devotees. Biblical characters, the Greek ‘Father of Medicine’ Hippocrates and medical pioneers such as Galen and Paracelsus practised fasting either to attain spiritual purification  or  to  reinvigorate  the  body.  Today, many naturopaths, chiropractor herbalists, and other practitioners of natural medicine recommend fasting to speed elimination of toxins, allow the digestive system to rest, and even promote healing of some illnesses.

 Fasting for even a day may also help to:

Clean your liver, kidneys and colons,

Remove toxins and impurities from your blood;

Clear your eyes and freshen your breath;

Calm your mind, sharpen your senses,

Provide you with a feeling of greater energy; and

Increase your appreciation of food.

 Fasting is one of the quickest ways to increase elimination of wastes and enhance the healing processes of the body. When the body is deprived of energy from food, it begins to eliminate fat-soluble toxins, such as pesticides and food additives that you’ve consumed, by increasing metabolism of body fat.  The toxins are released into the blood stream and then processed for excretion through the urine (which may initially turn dark during a fast), sweat, and the breath.

A short fast can be a useful home-remedy for colds, the flu, constipation, indigestion, skin problems, and some types of toxic conditions. Fasting has become an area of study even among practitioner of conventional western medicine, who have focused on its use primarily as a weight-loss programme but also as a treatment for chemical poisoning, arthritis, and other medical conditions. After fasting, there is a new lightness about the body and mind which is very uplifting. Whole new chunks of the day are released from food dudes and consequently more time for chores or reading or relaxation. Of course the mind can sink back into craving sensual food at any time but as we are told ‘yoga comes and goes’.


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