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 Purusarthas(pursuits of human life)

Purusartha is defined as the goal of human existence, the soul’s purpose, and the ultimate quest of life– the four aims of life. The four purusarthas work in conjunction with one another. Artha – economic prosperity. Artha ensures dignity in one’s life, promotes Financial and material satisfactions allow one to pursue moksha, and prevents excessive […]

Chaturvargas(four stages of life)

Chaturvargas(four stages of life) i)          Brahmacharya Ashram (1-25 years) student life, observing celibacy •          Period of study and discipline •          Period of probation •          Students lived in Gurukulas in ancient India •          Regard your mother, father, teacher and guest as god ii)         Grahistha Ashram (25-50 years) Householder, married life •          This stage is entered at […]

Chatur Vargas (describes the four stages of life)

Chatur Vargas: describes the four stages of life. Brahmacharya Ashrama:  From birth, till  25  years of age the individual dedicates themselves to studying and of serving celibacy. Grihastha Ashrama: From 25 to 50 years of life is the married life where the individual shares the responsibilities that come with  their role  in  the household.  During  […]

Purusharthas(human being meaning of life)

Purusharthas(human being meaning of life) Purusharthas:  They  are  the four  attainments  of  life.  The  contain  the  worldly  values   and  the supreme value. The supreme value being Liberation or Moksha. The prior three values creating a path for liberation. Dharma or Virtue: it is the worldly value that can be deserted as doing the deed that […]

How to apply pratyahara, in our daily life, explain with example.

How to apply pratyahara, in our daily life, explain with an example. Pratyahara is the practice of withdrawing one’s senses from environmental influences – food,  impressions  &  associations.   This includes nourishment of  one’s  body  with  (food),   the inferences and attitudes we form (impressions)  and interpersonal relations (associations). It  is the ultimate mastery over oneself.  It […]

Purvottanasana(Upward Plank Pose or  Intense East Stretch Pose)

Purvottanasana(Upward Plank Pose or  Intense East Stretch Pose) This is the intense eastward stretch. Start by lying flat on your back on the floor, your legs stretched out in front of you. Your arms are by your side, palms on the floor by the hips, your fingers pointing in the direction of the feet. Exhale […]