Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Chaturvargas(four stages of life)

i)          Brahmacharya Ashram (1-25 years) student life, observing celibacy

•          Period of study and discipline

•          Period of probation

•          Students lived in Gurukulas in ancient India

•          Regard your mother, father, teacher and guest as god

ii)         Grahistha Ashram (25-50 years) Householder, married life

•          This stage is entered at marriage

•          Ready to take roles and responsibilities

•          Grihstha is the heart of Aryan life

•          Five yajnas should be performed: Deva yajna (offerings to Devas), Rishi yajna (study of Vedas), Pitri yajna (annual religious rites performed for departed souls), Bhuta yajna (distribution of food to cows, crows, and animals), Atithi yajna (honoring guests)

iii)        Vanaprastha Ashram (50-75 years)

•          Retirement phase

•          Handing over responsibilities to the next generation

•          Meditate in the forest or in solitude

•          Free from responsibilities

iv)        Sanyasa Ashrama (75-100 years)

•          Phase of giving up material desires and prejudices

•          Renouncing all possessions, attachments, and recognitions

•          Sanyasi is an ideal man, he is brahman, jivanmukta, a free man

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