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Purusharthas(human being meaning of life)

Purusharthas:  They  are  the four  attainments  of  life.  The  contain  the  worldly  values   and  the supreme value. The supreme value being Liberation or Moksha. The prior three values creating a path for liberation.

  1. Dharma or Virtue: it is the worldly value that can be deserted as doing the deed that benefits humanity.
  2. Artha or Wealth: It is the understanding that earning wealth is not wrong and should be done with alignment with one’ s dharma. Not facing demanding and greedy for more.
  3. Kama or Pleasure: It is the value of pleasure. It is the understanding that one can enjoy the sense of pleasure, appreciate art, music, expression, and dance. It is the pleasures that are pure  and not digressed into what is considered wrong.
  4. Moksha or  Emancipation:  It  is  the  ultimate  value,  a  human  need  for  freedom  from  attachment, surpassing internal fluctuations to attain eternal bliss.

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