Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Chatur Vargas: describes the four stages of life.

  1. Brahmacharya Ashrama:  From birth, till  25  years of age the individual dedicates themselves to studying and of serving celibacy.
  2. Grihastha Ashrama: From 25 to 50 years of life is the married life where the individual shares the responsibilities that come with  their role  in  the household.  During  this  phase the  individual  should perform  the  Pancha  Maha  Yajnas:  Deva offerings to deva reciting vedic mantras,  Rishi studying Vedas,  Pitri shraddha to the departed souls and ancestors,  Bhuta- distribution of food to who are in need, Atithi – honouring guests.
  3. Vanaprastha Ashrama: From 50-75 years of life is the renunciation of marital duties and involving oneself in Scripture Study and meditation to prepare oneself for the final stage of life. Some people go from the first stage to the third stage, shipping the Grihastha Ashrama.
  4. Sanyasa Ashrama: from 75 years until death is the monastic living. To live as a   sannyasi letting go of all attachments, relations, friends, and egoism. Leading life to divine Mukti.

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