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How to apply pratyahara, in our daily life, explain with an example.

Pratyahara is the practice of withdrawing one’s senses from environmental influences – food,  impressions  &  associations.   This includes nourishment of  one’s  body  with  (food),   the inferences and attitudes we form (impressions)  and interpersonal relations (associations). It  is the ultimate mastery over oneself.  It is a sense of controlled detachment  where one is not  attaching either  positive  or  negative emotions  to  the stimuli.  The sensation  stops  are   perception  without forming an association. The practice of Pratyahara is especially vital when dealing with loss of any kind. Loss of a jot, a possessed  material,  or a loved one. Yes, it important  to be  affectionate and grateful  of  the  people  and  the  things  hut  it  is  also  important  to  not   let  anything,  or  anyone overpower  our senses.  While dealing with loss  of a  job or a   possessed  material,  the  practice  of pratyahara protects the individual from becoming pessimistic. While dealing a loss of loved ones , Pratyahara enables  the individual to grieve and mourn in a healthy way, without letting the loss affect other parts of functioning and not letting it become delimitating.

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