Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Purusartha is defined as the goal of human existence, the soul’s purpose, and the ultimate quest of life– the four aims of life.

The four purusarthas work in conjunction with one another.

  1. Artha – economic prosperity. Artha ensures dignity in one’s life, promotes Financial and material satisfactions allow one to pursue moksha, and prevents excessive struggle. Artha is kept in check by dharma. Artha is a steppingstone towards the attainment of the supreme self and shouldn’t be looked down upon.
  2. Kama – Love, pleasure: the emotional Kama offers enjoyment, wishes, desires, and pleasures to the senses. The Kama contributes to a balanced life if it doesn’t become an obsession. One must give and receive kama in accordance with dharma and appreciate kama to pursue moksha.
  3. Dharma – moral obligation; Dharma refers to social and moral values and what is right and virtuous in nature. Living one’s dharma means acting on the path of righteousness and accepting laws governing the universe to come into one’s supreme self. Dharma is a series of conscious choices for living beings.
  4. Moksha – spiritual Moksha is the ultimate goal in purushartha. Moksha is the feeling of oneness with the divine as a place of freedom and bliss. Moksha is the realization of the self and union of the cosmos within oneself to reveal the Supreme Self. It offers a place of freedom from the cycle of life and death.

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