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What is Vedangas?

Vedangas refer to the six auxiliary disciplines that were developed to support the understanding and interpretation of the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures. The Vedangas were developed between 600 BCE and 200 BCE, and they provide a framework for the study of the Vedas.

The six Vedangas are:

  1. Shiksha (Phonetics): It deals with the pronunciation of Vedic mantras and the correct accent and intonation of the words. It also includes the study of the Sanskrit alphabet and grammar.
  • Kalpa (Ritual): It deals with the performance of Vedic rituals and ceremonies, including their rules and regulations. It includes various aspects of ritualistic practices, such as the construction of altars, fire sacrifices, and the use of sacrificial utensils.
  • Vyakarana (Grammar): It deals with the grammar of Sanskrit language, including the analysis of the structure of sentences and the derivation of words.
  • Nirukta (Etymology): It deals with the etymology of Vedic words and their meanings.
  • Chandas (Metrics): It deals with the meters and rhythm of Vedic poetry. It includes the study of different types of meters and how they are used in Vedic poetry.
  • Jyotisha (Astrology): It deals with the study of astronomy and astrology in relation to the Vedic calendar and the performance of Vedic rituals. It includes the calculation of the movements of the sun, moon, and planets and their effect on human life.

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