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Maruti Stotra

Maruti Stotra is a hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the Hindu deity who is revered for his strength, wisdom, and devotion. The stotra is believed to have been composed by the 16th-century saint-poet Tulsidas, who is also known for his famous work, the Ramcharitmanas.

Maruti Stotra in English with meaning

Sure, here is the Maruti Stotra in English with its meaning:

Bajrang Baan, Bajrang Baan,

Bajrang Baan, ko det nij jaan.

(O Bajrang Bali) Who can know Your true nature, except You Yourself?

Jo tanu vishay nit bar baari,

Uthat shatru hit ke jag ki taari.

(O Bajrang Bali) You take birth repeatedly to fulfil the desires of Your devotees and uplift the world by destroying the enemies.

Jai jai jai Hanuman Gosai,

Kripa karahu guru dev ki naai.

(O Bajrang Bali) O Lord Hanuman, hail to You! Please bestow Your blessings upon us, O Guru Deva!

Man kram vachan dhyaan jo laavai,

Taakau jeevan mein mukti phal paavai.

(O Bajrang Bali) Whoever remembers You with devotion and concentration, attains the fruit of liberation in this life.

Bolo jai Siya Ram ki,

Jai sankat mochan Hanuman ki.

(O Bajrang Bali) Say “Victory to Lord Rama!” and “Victory to the Remover of Difficulties, Lord Hanuman!”

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