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17 mantras for the practice of expressing our inner potential

Mantras give your yoga or meditation practice something to focus on and resonate with. They can be as simple as a quote, word, or sound that sets an intention for your practice, your day, or your life. With the Christmas blues and stressful planning looming, setting a mantra can help you block out any stress, […]

Ardha Dhanurasana(Half Bow Pose)

This is the prone half bow pose. Start by lying flat on your stomach with your hands stretched out over your head on the floor. Slowly rise up from your lower back and with the right hand outstretched on the floor, reach back towards your right foot with your left hand. Bend the right knee […]

Self-Awakening and Empowering through Mantra Yoga

Self-Awakening and Empowering through Mantra Yoga Mantra Yoga  The chanting of God’s name brings comfort to the body, mind and souls of human beings. Almost all religions believe in this Mantra chanting technique.  Hindus take the name of Rama or Krishna or any of the other deities.  Christians chant the name of Jesus and Moslems […]

Yoga Philosophy: Merging with divine by Laya Yoga

  Yoga Philosophy: Merging with divine by Laya Yoga    Laya yoga aims at awakening the Nature energy, the kundalini, and making it rise through the six centers along the central artery of the subtle body from the root at the base of the spinal cord to the thousand petalled lotus at the top of the […]

Yoga Mantras

Om Sahana Vavatu… mantra from UpanishadOm Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu May he protect both of us (teacher & student), May he nurture both of us Sahaveeryam Karavavahaie May we both acquire the caliber to self-realization Tejasvinaa vadheetamastu May our study be fruitful Maa vidhvishavahaie May we not argue with each other (teacher & student) Om […]

Astanga Yoga Mantra

Astanga Yoga Mantra OM Vande  Gurunam Caranaravinde Sandarsita svatma sukhava bodhe Nih sreyase jangalikayamane Samsara halahala mohasantyai Abahu purusakaram Sankhacakrasi dharinam Sahasra sirasam svetam Pranamami Patanjalim OM I pray to the lotus feet  of the supreme Guru who teaches the good knowledge, showing the way to knowing the self awakening great happiness; who is the […]