Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  Yoga Philosophy: Merging with divine by Laya Yoga  

 Laya yoga aims at awakening the Nature energy, the kundalini, and making it rise through the six centers along the central artery of the subtle body from the root at the base of the spinal cord to the thousand petalled lotus at the top of the head. When this is done the aspirant is freed from all desires and attains peace.  Another practice of Laya yoga is to listen to the inner sound, naadi, and see the light of the Self.  These three, namely awakening the kundalini, hearing the naadi sound, and beholding the light of the Self are the main practices of Laya yoga.  When with proper concentration the yogi sits in the desired posture he can hear the naadi sound.  At first many loud sounds are heard, but with practice he can hear more subtle ones.  The initial sounds heard are like the roar of the ocean, the thundering of clouds, the sounding of a drum, and so forth.  Then the sound’s intensity grows less and less.  It is like the tinkling of a bell, a flute, a lute, and finally like the hum of a bee.  The mind of the yogi gets lost in the sound.  He forgets everything else.  His mind merges with the naadi sound as mild with water.  When this happens, another sound which was never heard before, arises in the heart of the yogi.  The naadi sound has merged into the Principle of Word (shabda). The third constituent of Laya yoga is seeing the vision of the light of the Self.  The yogi closes his eyes and contemplates on the light which dwells in the heart’s centre, where the ‘unstruck’ sound (anaahata) dwells.  This light is motionless as the shielded flame of a lamp.  When the yogi perceives this vision of light, the sound dies away, and the mind becomes one with the Self.  The yogi is freed of all pain and attains bliss.


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