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Consciousness –  Vedanta view and modern psychologist view

Consciousness –  Vedanta view and modern psychologist view The  Vedantas  or  Upanishads  describe  four  levels  of  consciousness:  Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, and Super Conscious. The first is the jagratha (Waking stage, Consciousness) which is known  as the Vaisvanara, in this state the individual gains experience from the external world. The second is the   prajna (Deep sleep, Sub […]

Consciousness   and  application   of  respective   hatha  yoga   practice

Consciousness and  application of  respective   hatha  yoga   practice,   to  each  layer   of consciousness – mandukya  upanishad. The first is the Jagratha (Walking stage, Consciousness) which  is known as the Vaisvanara, in this state  the  individual gains  experience from  the  external world.  Vaisvanara is  important  for  the practice of asana and  pranayama as it requires  the […]

108 Upanishads listed by Muktikopanishad

Rig Veda: Aitareya Upanishad Atmabodha Upanishad Kaushitaki Upanishad Mudgala Upanishad Nirvana Upanishad Nadabindu Upanishad Akshamaya Upanishad Tripura Upanishad Bahvruka Upanishad Saubhagyalakshmi Upanishad Sama Veda: Kena Upanishad Chandogya Upanishad Mahat Upanishad Maitrayani Upanishad Vajrasuci Upanishad Savitri Upanishad Aruneya Upanishad Kundika Upanishad Maitreyi Upanishad Samnyasa Upanishad Jabaladarsana Upanishad Yogachudamani Upanishad Avyakta Upanishad Vasudeva Upanishad Jabali Upanishad Rudrakshajabala […]

Eka Pada Setu Bandha Sarvangasana(One legged Bridge Pose)

This is a variation of the bridge pose where you raise one leg into the air. You must start by lying on the ground. Bend the knees and place them with the feet on the floor and the knees pointing to the ceiling. Raise the back off the floor with the shoulders and head still […]

 Yoga as a Science of 4 States of Human Consciousness

  The Mandukya Upanishad deals with the four states of consciousness. Waking, 2. dreaming, 3. Deep sleep and 4. Turiya or samadhi state. It also states that everything in the universe is OM and that the past, present and future are contained in OM. The three components or syllables comprise the three states of Brahman. […]