Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Consciousness and  application of  respective   hatha  yoga   practice,   to  each  layer   of consciousness – mandukya  upanishad.

The first is the Jagratha (Walking stage, Consciousness) which  is known as the Vaisvanara, in this state  the  individual gains  experience from  the  external world.  Vaisvanara is  important  for  the practice of asana and  pranayama as it requires  the conscious  experience  of the external and the internal body.  The second  is the Swapna  (Deep sleep, Subconsciousness), in this the Atma has retrieved itself into dreams away from the external world. It is withdrawal of the atman, this can toe practiced through   Yoga   Nidra,   and   Ajapa japa.   The third  is   the   Susupti   (Deep   Sleep, Unconsciousness), here at  the desires are gone. To reach the state of Prajna, the individual should be at be to practice Dhyana or meditation,  withdrawing all desires and fluctuations of mind. This will eventually lead to the knowledge of Paper consciousness and attaining it.

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