Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  • There was a sage Vajasrava who was performing a yajna.
  • After the Yagna his son Nachiketa was bothering him and so the sage banished him to hell where Nachiketa found himself in the domain of Yama, the Lord of Death.
  • Nachiketa waited three days in front of Yama’s house and for this Yama granted him three boons.
  • For this first boon Nachiketa asked for his father’s welfare and that when he went back to his father, his father would recognise him and be happy with him.
  • This was granted. For this second boon Nachiketa asked to know how to reach heaven and Yama gave him the knowledge he had requested.

    Freedom concept. Escaping from the cage
  • He told Nachiketa between Preyas (worldly pleasure) and shreyas (spiritual good), the latter which can give permanent peace and happiness and that Atman is the highest form of shreyas.
  • For his third boon Nachiketa wanted to know what is beyond good and evil, cause and effect.
  • Here he learned that OM is the symbol of the omniscient self, and this self dwells within all.
  • Yama also declared that one’s destiny after death is decided by his karma in life.
  • One who realizes this becomes immortal.
  • Brahman is the end of the journey and the supreme goal.
  • The whole universe comes forth from Brahman and moves into Brahman.
  • When all the senses are stilled and the mind is at rest, this is the highest state, called yoga.
  • He who attains this is free from delusions and is pure and impartial.

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