Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham

Bangalore India

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Batch: august 2020

Revision Examination: Paper- 2 (Yoga Teaching Methodology)

Note: answer for any 30 questions only.

  1. Define ‘teaching’ according to Yoga perspective of
  2. Define ‘methodology’ according to Yoga perspective of
  3. Write the meaning for term guru and master and teacher and
  4. Write the meaning for term yoga teacher and yoga
  5. What kind of space needed for hatha yoga practice?
  6. What type of floor will be ideal for Vinyasa yoga practice?
  7. How the ‘walls’ should be in yoga
  8. What is the temperature for hot yoga class?
  9. What type of air need to hatha yoga practice?
  10. What type of “light or brightness’ need for Vinyasa yoga?
  11. How and what types of music should be used in difference intensity of hatha yoga
  12. Write about ‘aroma’ and yoga
  13. Mention the different types of
  14. What type of yoga mat is good for asana practice?
  15. What types of cleanliness student should follow in the class 16 .Write what kind of attire ideal for Vinyasa yoga.

17 Write reasons why we should be in ‘bare feet’ in yoga class. 18  What time student should arrive and depart from yoga class.

  • Where will you allocate in class room, if students with injuries, pregnancy, physical limitations, and with balancing
  • How to place “master’s mat” in class
  • In crowded class how will you arrange yoga
  1. Why we chant ‘om’ beginng of Write the meaning of ‘om’.
  2. Mention the Herbs which refine our tone and
  3. How should be the voice and tone for hatha yoga class?
  4. How should be language in yoga class?
  5. How to enquire new List out the six questions which you going to ask.
  6. Write about beginner’s level class and what is the qualification for
  7. Write about internal and external mechanism of ‘instructing asana’?
  8. What are all fundamental knowledge yoga instructor should aware, to giving
  9. Define ‘gather around demonstration’.
  10. Define ‘partner standing observation’.
  11. How the ‘feet’ should be in
  12. How the ‘neck’ should be in
  13. Write role of yoga teacher in guiding
  14. 35.Define ethics
  15. Yoga ethics in teaching and touching and Patanjali’s ahimsa.
  16. Brahmacharya in teaching and touching.

38.How to touch students while teaching asana.

39.Define ‘practice teaching observation’

40.How to develop ‘practice teaching visual observation’ skills. 45.Write levels of yoga classes.



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