Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Revision Examination: Paper- 1 (yoga philosophy, lifestyle & ethics)

  1. Misconception between Yoga and Hatha Yoga.
  2. Types of yoga according to Bhagavad-Gita.
  3. Definition of yoga.
  4. What is the meaning for term “yoga”.
  5. Who is the founder of yoga?
  6. What are all misconception exist between yoga and hatha yoga.
  7. Who is the author for yoga darshan?
  8. Which are called preclassical yoga?
  9. Which period is called classical yoga?
  10. Yoga belongs to which religion.
  11. Meaning of hatha yoga.
  12. Aim of hatha yoga.
  13. Difference between yoga and hatha yoga.
  14. Relationship between hatha yoga and raja yoga.
  15. What are all practice included in hatha yoga.
  16. Concept of Modern hatha yoga style practice. With example.
  17. Concept of traditional hatha yoga style practice. With example.
  18. Mention four Hatha yoga texts with author.
  19. Write 12 Styles of modern hatha yoga.
  20. What is the purpose of hatha yoga?
  21. Define chakra.
  22. List out the 8 cakras with number of petals.
  23. What are all four Purusharthas? Why dharma is important in it.
  24. Write four stages of life. Which ashram is important in it?
  25. What is meant by agami karma
  26. List out 5 yamas
  27. Write seven steps of jnana yoga according to adi sankara.
  28. Meaning of the word “Upanishad”
  29. Mention three main characters in Katha Upanishad.
  30. Mention Lord Yamas three boons to Nachiketa.
  1. What is Preyas?
  2. What is the difference between, awareness and consciousness?
  3. Write four state of consciousness.
  4. Write five kosha.
  5. What practices will you prescribe for Annamaya Kosha?
  6. Write nine obstacles as mentioned by sage patanjali.
  7. List out the Astanga yoga.
  8. Explain about in your own words ‘chitta’.
  9. Write types of chitta vrittis.
  10. Why we should block chitta.
  11. What is meant by chitta?
  12. Define Pramana
  13. How many sutras are their in each pada, in Patanjali yoga sutra.
  14. What is meant by abhyasa .
  15. Symptoms of mental distraction, according to Patanjali.
  16. Asana according to Patanjali.
  17. Define Aparigraha
  18. Difference between dharana and dhayana.
  19. Difference between dhayana and Samadhi.



EXAM 1 FEB 2020

EXAM 1 FEB 2020

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