Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Yoga Nidra for Sleep (Guided Meditation)

  1. Now this time to prepare for conscious sleep.
  2. By switching off the lights, shutting down any unnecessary Electronics.
  3. Make yourself absolutely comfortable.
  4. Adjusting your body in completely.
  5. And sinking down into perfect physical relaxation
  6. Release the mind grip over your body.
  7. And see how quickly and fully you can just totally relax.
  8. Enjoying the pleasurable sense of perfect Comfort coming over your body.
  9. That’s it. Release all muscular tension and just sink down into the surface beneath you.
  10. Sinking down deeper and even deeper
  11. Your eyelids are becoming heavier. And heavier
  12. The pull of gravity weighing your body down against the surface beneath you.
  13. Take this moment to adjust your body one last time.
  14. Trusting your body to know exactly how to really relax most fully.
  15. See yourself walking barefoot in the warm white sand of beautiful seashore.
  16. The crystal clear water has an endless variety of brightly colored fish.
  17. Behind you is the lush green jungle. Growing right up to the edge of the beach
  18. With Banyan papaya Tamarind Guava and mango trees
  19. You can smell the fresh scent of pineapple.
  20. Flowers
  21. Beyond the jungle you can see steaming volcanic mountains.
  22. With thick vegetation
  23. Countless waterfalls
  24. And decide to lie down and relax.
  25. I’m closing your eyes. You can hear the sound of parrots.
  26. The birds chirping and singing in the trees.
  27. As well as the sound of sea shells and Pebbles rolling up and down the beach with the waves.
  28. Continue to enjoy releasing and relaxing in this Pleasant
  29. While you rotate your awareness around your body.
  30. Beginning with the right hair the thumb
  31. Second finger
  32. Third
  33. Fourth
  34. And stiff finger
  35. Palm of the hand
  36. Back of the hair
  37. The right wrist
  38. Lower arm
  39. Elbow
  40. Upper arm
  41. Right shoulder
  42. Armpit
  43. Waist
  44. Back of the thigh
  45. Right kneecap
  46. Back of the knee
  47. Right shin
  48. Calf muscle
  49. Heel
  50. Ankle
  51. Sole of the right foot
  52. Top of the foot
  53. Right big toe.
  54. Second toe
  55. Third
  56. Fourth
  57. And fifth toe the top of the foot
  58. Soul
  59. Ankle
  60. Heels
  61. Calf muscle
  62. Right shin
  63. Back of the knee
  64. Top of the knee
  65. Back of the thigh
  66. Top of the thigh.
  67. Right waist
  68. Armpit
  69. Shoulder
  70. Upper arm
  71. Elbow
  72. Lower arm
  73. Right wrist
  74. Back of the hand
  75. Palm of the hand
  76. Right thumb.
  77. Second finger
  78. Third
  79. Four
  80. And fifth finger
  81. The whole right side of the body
  82. The left hand thumb
  83. Second finger
  84. Third
  85. Four
  86. And fifth finger
  87. Palm of the hand
  88. Back of the hand the left wrist.
  89. Lower arm
  90. Elbow
  91. Upper arm
  92. Left shoulder
  93. Armpit
  94. Waist
  95. Hip
  96. Pelvic
  97. Back of the thigh
  98. Left kneecap
  99. Back of the knee
  100. Left shin
  101. Calf muscle
  102. Heel
  103. Ankle
  104. Sole of the left foot
  105. Top of the foot
  106. Left big toe
  107. Second toe
  108. Third
  109. Fourth
  110. And fifth toe
  111. Top of the foot
  112. Sole
  113. Ankle
  114. Heel
  115. Calf muscle
  116. Left shin
  117. Back of the knee
  118. Top of the knee
  119. Back of the thigh
  120. Top of the thigh.
  121. Hip
  122. Waist
  123. Armpit
  124. Shoulder
  125. Upper arm
  126. Elbow
  127. Lower arm
  128. Palm of the hand
  129. Left thumb
  130. Second finger
  131. Third
  132. Four
  133. And fifth finger
  134. The whole left side of the body
  135. The top of the head
  136. Forehead
  137. Right, eyebrow
  138. Left, eyebrow
  139. The center of the eyebrows
  140. Right, eyeball.
  141. Left eyeball
  142. Right ear
  143. Left ear
  144. The nose
  145. The tip of the nose
  146. Upper lip
  147. Lower lip
  148. The muscles inside of the mouth
  149. And the tongue
  150. Right cheek
  151. Left cheek
  152. Right jaw
  153. Left jaw
  154. The chin
  155. Throat
  156. Right collarbone
  157. Left collarbone
  158. Right chest muscle
  159. Left chest muscle
  160. The center of the chest
  161. Navel
  162. Abdomen
  163. Growing
  164. Right thigh.
  165. Left thigh
  166. Right ankle.
  167. Left ankle
  168. Right foot
  169. Left foot
  170. Right thigh.
  171. Left thigh
  172. Abdomen
  173. Navel
  174. Right chest muscle
  175. Left chest muscle
  176. The center of the chest
  177. Right collarbone
  178. Left collarbone
  179. The throat
  180. Chin
  181. Right jaw
  182. Left jaw
  183. Right cheek
  184. Left cheek
  185. The muscles inside of the mouth
  186. And the tongue
  187. Upper lip
  188. Lower lip
  189. The nose
  190. And the tip of the nose.
  191. Right ear
  192. Left ear
  193. Right, eyeball.
  194. Left eyeball
  195. Right eyelid
  196. Left eyelid
  197. Right, eyebrow
  198. Laughed eyebrow
  199. The center of the eyebrows
  200. Forehead
  201. And top of the head
  202. Back of the head
  203. Back of the neck
  204. Right shoulder blade
  205. Left shoulder blade
  206. The whole spinal column
  207. Right buttock
  208. Left buttock
  209. Back of the right thigh
  210. Back of the left thigh
  211. Back of the right knee
  212. Back of the left knee
  213. Right calf muscle
  214. Left calf muscle
  215. Right heel
  216. Left heel
  217. Sole of the right foot
  218. Sole of the left foot
  219. Right heel
  220. Left heel
  221. Right calf muscle
  222. Laughed calf muscle
  223. Back of the right heel
  224. Back of the left heel
  225. Back of the right thigh
  226. Back of the left thigh
  227. Right buttock
  228. Left buttock
  229. The whole spinal column
  230. Right shoulder blade
  231. Left shoulder blade
  232. Back of the neck
  233. Back of the head
  234. The whole right leg
  235. Pull left leg
  236. Both legs together
  237. Whole right arm
  238. Whole left arm
  239. Both arms together
  240. The abdomen
  241. Navel
  242. Chest
  243. The whole back
  244. The whole torso together
  245. The neck
  246. Face
  247. Right side of the head
  248. Left side of the head
  249. Back of the head
  250. Top of the head
  251. The whole head together
  252. The whole body
  253. The whole body together
  254. As you feel a pleasant wave of relaxation.
  255. Spread through your entire body.
  256. For the head to toe you can now release an even more subtle level of muscular
  257. Experiencing the deepest level of total relaxation
  258. Bring your awareness to the points of contact between your body and the bed.
  259. Sinking down deeper
  260. The force of gravity pulling the weight of your body down.
  261. And even further down
  262. It feels as though you’re as heavy as a stone.
  263. Sinking down deeper and deeper
  264. Bring your awareness to the peaceful dark space in front of your closed eyes.
  265. See an endless Coastline of white sandy beaches
  266. Waves gently lapping up against the shore
  267. Brightly colored bird of paradise flowers
  268. The array of colors of the sunset over the sea
  269. Coconuts scattered here and there along the beach.
  270. Countless oysters with hidden pearls
  271. The gentle Sea Breeze which caresses the skin of your face?
  272. Spinner dolphins leaping in the distance
  273. The clear night sky with spotless stars and a large full moon rising over the forest covered hilltops.
  274. Floral wreaths and garlands adorning your head and chest
  275. Just enjoy drifting off to sleep in this beautiful sea of Paradise.
  276. Just releasing and letting go.
  277. Breathing in the Bliss of sleep
  278. Breathing out the Bliss of sleep
  279. Mentally breathe in through the right nostril. Out through the left In through the left and out through the right.
  280. Again, mentally alternate the flow of the breath between the nostrils. Breathing in through the right out through the left In through the left and out through the right.


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