Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Begin by coming into a lying position on the floor such as shavasana

And take this moment to become perfectly still.

And comfortable

From this moment onward

And you will be experiencing progressively deeper states of conscious relaxation.

Allowing for greater inner clarity

And tranquility

While strengthening your natural ability to remain calm and in control of your inner state.

Take this time to adjust your position.

Remaining perfectly still and away from this point forward.

Breathe gently


Allowing each inhalation and exhalation to flow spontaneously

Watch the belly gently rising.

Gently falling

Allow your mind to become completely silent as he listened to the Sounds in your environment.

If any thought should arise immediately cut it off and returned to the act of listening.

Listen intently.

Without any concern for the source nor implications of any sounds

Now say to yourself. I will remain completely calm and relaxed throughout the duration of this session.

I will remain completely calm and relaxed throughout the duration of this session.

I will remain completely calm and relaxed throughout the duration of this session.

As we now rotate the awareness around the body. You can view the wave of relaxation flowing from body part to body part

Beginning with your right hand

Your right hand thumb.

Second finger


And the fifth finger

Palm of the hand

Back of the hand

The whole right hand

Right wrist

Lower Elbow

Upper arm

The right shoulder



Back of the thigh




Back of the knee

The right shin

Calves muscle



Sole of the right foot

Top of the foot

The right big toe

Second toe



And fifth toe

The whole right side of the body

Perfectly still

And relaxed

Now the left hand.

Feel this soothing wave of relaxation flow from your left hand thumb.

Through your second finger. Third


And fifth finger

Palm of the hand back of the hand.

The whole left hand


The left wrist

Lower arm


Upper arm

The left shoulder



Left thigh Back of the thigh


Back of the knee

Left shin

Calves muscle



Sole of the left foot Top of the foot

The left big toe

Second toe



And fifth toe

The whole left side of the body

Now perfectly comfortable

Now this wave of relaxation flows down from the top of your head.

To your forehead

Right, eyebrow

Laughed eyebrow

The space between the eyebrows

The right eyelid

Left eyelid

Right eye.

Left eye.

Right ear

Left ear

The nose

And the tip of the nose.

The upper lip

Lower lip

Muscles inside of the mouth


Right cheek

Left cheek

The chin


Right chest muscle

Left chest muscle

The cavity within the core of the chest


Lower abdomen

Right thigh

Left thigh

Right knee

Left knee

Right ankle

Left ankle right foot

Left foot

The whole right leg whole left leg

Both legs together

Whole right arm

Left arm

Both arms together

The abdomen

And the chest

The buttocks


And shoulder blades

The whole front and back side of the Torso.

The neck and the head

The whole body together

The whole body at once from head to toe

Watch the peaceful rising and falling of the respiratory muscles within the abdomen.

Continue watching the belly peacefully rise and fall with the breath.

Breathing in the belly Rises

Breathing out the Valley Falls

You can now experience an even deeper level of relaxation.

By all at once releasing an even more subtle level of muscular tension.

Just releasing the minds grip over the body.

Simply remaining aware of only relaxation

Perfect rest

And tranquility

Quickly scan the body

The eyes and the muscles surrounding the eyes.

The mouth

Anywhere, you might be holding habitual tension.

Now becoming more aware of where you unconsciously hold nervous tension in your body.

Now become aware of the warm and friendly space in front of the closed eyes.

Observe the infinite depths of Inner Space

Become a witness of your own awareness.

Feel the body.

Feel the senses.

Feel the mind.

Nothing, but the awareness itself. Become aware that you are observing yourself.

Continue going deeper into the cave of Inner Space.

Within that cave there is a flaming light.

A tiny point of white light

Resplendent as a jewel

Tiny as a pearl

Yet bright as a star.

They’re within the very center of your vision.

Gently gaze at that tiny point of light.

And within the center of that light you can see a small golden egg.

A very small very bright. And translucent small golden egg.

With warm Golden Light radiating all around

Just be with the warmth of this healing golden light for a few moments.

Again, scan your awareness around your body.

Taking note of where you may be habitually holding tension.

As you continue to become more aware.

You feel more relief.

As well as greater inner Clarity and self-recognition.

Now bring your awareness back to your surroundings.

Your physical body lying on the floor.

Now slowly and gently

You may begin stretching and moving your body. And open your eyes to end this practice.

Oh Shanti Shanti Shanti.

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