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Yoga Injuries: When Do They Happen?

  • Yoga injuries can happen when students push themselves too far or when they are not practicing with proper alignment. Common yoga injuries include strains and sprains to the neck, shoulders, wrists, back, hips, and knees. Injuries can also occur when students try to perform advanced poses without proper preparation or when they try to push themselves too quickly into more challenging poses.
  • Yoga injuries can happen at any time during a yoga practice, but they are more likely to occur during vinyasa-style classes where there is a lot of movement and flow between poses. They can also occur when students practice yoga without the guidance of a qualified teacher or when they practice on their own without proper instruction.
  • It’s important to listen to your body and practice with awareness and mindfulness. If you experience pain or discomfort during a yoga practice, you should stop and seek guidance from a qualified yoga teacher. It’s also important to practice with proper alignment and to use props when necessary to support your body and prevent injury.

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