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Yoga for Bronchitis

It refers to an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the bronchi and bronchial tube within the chest It is a disease endemic to cold, damp climates, but may occur anywhere.  It may be acute or chronic, Chronic bronchitis more frequent in males than females.


  • Smoking
  • Infections
  • Environment
  • changes in weather
  • Working in stuffy atmospheres

Clinical Features

  • Often follows acute coryza
  • Irritating unproductive cough accompanied by retrosternal discomfort.
  • Sputum is initially scanty, mucoid, viscid and may be streaked with blood.
  • Hoarseness and pain in the chest
  • Breathing trouble continues till the inflammation subsides and mucus is removed

Yogic Practices

  • Suryanamaskara
  • Shashankasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Supta vajrasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Dwikonasana
  • Backward bending asanas


  • Nadishodhana,
  • Bhastrika,
  • Kapalbhati


  • Jalaneti,
  • Sutra neti,
  • Vastra dhauti,
  • Kunjal


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