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Yoga classroom setup and orientation.

The classroom orientation and setup are vital for a yoga class as they determine the position of the teacher and the students. The setup should be ideal for the students to learn as effectively as possible. Ideally, the teacher’s yoga mat should be placed ahead of the class, in a position where each student can visibly watch the teacher demonstrate. The teacher can use two yoga mats placed one over the other in a “+” formation to be able to demonstrate from both directions with ease. In the rectangular method of orientation, the students’ mats should be placed opposite to the teacher, either vertically or horizontally depending on the space. Novice, beginner students should be oriented towards the front to better be able to observe the teacher, also they should be closer to the wall in case they need support for certain asanas. Pregnant women should also be in the front close to a wall for support. This will allow the teacher to have a better view for observation and provide assistance whenever needed. Proficient, advanced, and tall students should be oriented towards the backside. The teacher’s position should be away from the entrance so that, students coming in do not interrupt the ongoing class. Another orientation method called the Community Alignment can be used. In this, the teacher is in the middle and the students’ mats are arranged either in a circle or a semi-circle around the teacher’s mat. This orientation allows a more energetic vibration and also allows teachers to have an easy observation view for all the students.

Courtesy To: Shrutika Mishra, RYT – 200 Hour   

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