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Yoga class Room Physical Settings

  • Certainly, the ambiance around a person can influence their mental state. At a high level, we can practice yoga almost anywhere, with the idea of being aware of our breath, body, and mind.
  • Yet, it’s ideal to begin learning from a yoga studio or a yoga ashram, where the pious look and feel of these yoga places can influence a beginner’s mind to focus and practice effectively.
  • The attractiveness of a yoga studio depends on various factors, which need to meet the student’s expectations of a pleasing infrastructure motivating them to practice and wanting to visit again.

Let’s see the description of a magnificent yoga studio.

  • To enter a breathable and spacious hall with big windows covered with fabric curtains automatically gives us a sense of mental freedom devoid of clusters.
  • As a fresh warm breeze enters the studio it makes us feel at peace. The flooring used in the room affects the temperature settings, ideally, a wooden floor helps in keeping the students warm while a granite or marble floor tends to remain cold for the barefoot.
  • Temperature regulation in a studio is important for the sense of comfort so that students won’t feel too hot or cold during the time of practice and even air conditioners can be an option used for this purpose.
  • In exceptional cases like the practice of hot yoga, the studio must have a slightly warmer temperature than the regular temperature used.
  • The bright sunlit room welcomes the morning sessions, while the studio lights are used for the evening times. For relaxed practices, dim lights or candles add a soothing effect, and with a hint of harmonized mild music, it will surely boost the quality of the healing session.
  • Music is mostly not recommended but can be used low tuned enough, for the instructor’s and students’ voices to be heard.
  • To enhance the yogic mood and freshness, a certain mild amount of pleasant fragrances can be used as long as it does not have adverse effects over the student’s health.
  • Flexibility is not easily achieved without consistent practice and to help students support their practice an yoga studio must have the provision of props.
  • Sturdy and clean yoga mats are essential for every student, they can be encouraged to bring their own mat or use the ones provided in the studio.
  • Empty walls is a requirement for students who take wall support for balance, walls can have built in straps but they are not mostly recommended.
  • Speaking of straps, they are very handy for extended reaching practices with a design that gives way for easy secure and release.
  • Bolsters and thick folded blankets can be used as a cushion for knees and hips or for relaxation. Wooden or foam blocks are used as multi purpose props that give the best support, reachability, and balance for those who find certain postures difficult. At last chairs are props that can be used for prenatal yoga and old practitioners.
  • Once a person masters the sense of awareness, he/she can practice yoga in harsh winters or the extreme hot desert region, or anywhere from the quiet tropical forest to the chaotic city streets. Overall a natural setting with a few plants and fresh air in the spacious yoga hall can kindle a yogic mood within a person to forget all worries and become aware of their breath, body and mind.
  • A therapeutic setting brings in a sense of positivity in all, helping them to recollect themselves and focus.

Courtesy To : Ananya Kasiraj, RYT – 200 hours (student assignment)


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