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Yoga and Samkhya Philosophy: How are they Related?

  • Yoga and Samkhya philosophy are closely related, and many scholars consider Yoga to be an offshoot or a practical application of Samkhya. Both Yoga and Samkhya are part of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy and share a common worldview and many concepts.
  • Samkhya philosophy is based on the idea that the universe is made up of two fundamental principles: Purusha (pure consciousness) and Prakriti (the material world). Purusha is considered the eternal, unchanging, and infinite aspect of consciousness, while Prakriti is the material world, which is subject to change and impermanence. The goal of Samkhya is to understand the nature of these two principles and the relationship between them.
  • Yoga, on the other hand, is a practical discipline that aims to help individuals achieve liberation from suffering by realizing the true nature of the self and the universe. The practice of Yoga involves various techniques, including asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation, which are designed to purify the mind

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