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Yin Yoga Principles

The three main principles of Yin Yoga are:

  • First, we form a shape, reach the first point of resistance, and then observe what we feel from that slight sensation “edge”. The sensation should be just a slight dull pain, and should not be inclined to anything sharp, stabbing or burning.
  • The second principle is to stay still. As the muscles relax relatively, the pressure will shift to denser connective tissue. Remember, you will not be fixed in one position during the entire posture. Make sure to change the angle of the posture to accommodate any release, or stay away from too strong feelings.
  • Finally, maintain the Yin posture for a longer time. The posture can be held anywhere from three to twenty minutes, but start with a time frame that is meaningful to you and follow the above principles. Practice the postures in the order listed, allowing 3-6 minutes for each posture. There should be at least 1-2 minutes between the two positions, so that you can lie on your stomach or on your back to observe the effect. It is normal to feel a little weak when exiting the position, and this feeling may last for a minute or two.

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