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What is Vijnanamaya kosha – intellect sheath?

  • Vijnanamaya Kosha is the fourth of the five sheaths or layers of the human being, according to Vedantic philosophy. The term “Vijnanamaya” means “made of knowledge” in Sanskrit, indicating that this sheath is associated with the intellectual aspect of our being.
  • The Vijnanamaya Kosha is the intellectual sheath of the human being, and it includes the intellect, reasoning, and discernment. It is responsible for our ability to analyze and understand the world around us, and to make judgments and decisions based on our knowledge and experience.
  • This sheath is the foundation for our higher cognitive functions, including our ability to reason, comprehend, and discriminate. It is also the source of our inner wisdom, and it helps us to understand the deeper aspects of our being and our relationship with the world.
  • However, the Vijnanamaya Kosha is also considered to be a limited aspect of our being, as it represents only the intellectual aspects of our existence. The other four sheaths are the Annamaya Kosha (food sheath), Pranamaya Kosha (breath sheath), Manomaya Kosha (mind sheath), and Anandamaya Kosha (bliss sheath).
  • According to Vedantic philosophy, the ultimate goal of human life is to realize the true nature of the Self, which is beyond the five sheaths. This can be achieved through spiritual practices such as meditation and self-inquiry, which help to transcend the limitations of the Vijnanamaya Kosha and realize the deeper aspects of our being.

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