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What is term Inversion, in asana movement?

Inversion in yoga refers to the movement of the foot and ankle towards the midline of the body. This movement is used in many yoga asanas (poses) to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the inner ankle and foot.

For example, in a pose like tree pose (Vrksasana), inversion is used in the standing leg to activate the inner thigh muscles and bring stability to the pose. In a pose like pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), inversion is used in the back foot to help stretch and release tension in the outer hip and IT band.

Proper alignment and awareness of the body during inversion can help to prevent injury and promote balance and strength throughout the body. It is important to approach inversion with caution and build up strength and flexibility gradually, as it can be a challenging movement for some people.

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