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What is Puranas?

  • The Puranas are a genre of ancient Hindu texts that contain a diverse collection of stories, mythologies, histories, and religious teachings. There are 18 main Puranas, and they are believed to have been composed between the 3rd century BCE to the 3rd century CE.
  • The Puranas are considered to be a secondary source of Hindu religious knowledge, following the Vedas and the Upanishads. They are written in Sanskrit and are generally regarded as being divided into three categories: the Brahma Puranas, the Vishnu Puranas, and the Shiva Puranas.
  • Each Purana typically focuses on a specific deity or set of deities and contains stories about their origin, life, and teachings. They also often provide information on religious rites and practices, as well as instructions on ethical and moral behavior.
  • The Puranas have had a significant impact on Hindu culture and are often cited as an authority on various aspects of Hinduism. They are widely read and studied by scholars and devotees alike, and are considered an important part of the Hindu literary tradition.

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