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What is passive stretching? Is it good method of stretching?

  • Passive stretching is a stretching technique where an external force, such as gravity, a strap, or another person, is used to help the body achieve a stretch. In passive stretching, the muscles being stretched are relaxed while the external force applies a stretch to the joint or muscle.
  • Passive stretching can be an effective method of increasing flexibility, particularly for those who are new to stretching or who have limited mobility. However, it is important to use caution when performing passive stretching, particularly if the external force is being applied by another person.
  • If the stretch is applied too forcefully or without proper technique, it can cause muscle strain or other injuries. It is important to work with a qualified instructor or physical therapist to ensure that passive stretching is performed correctly and safely.
  • Passive stretching can be particularly useful for improving flexibility in people with limited mobility or injuries that make it difficult to perform other types of stretching. However, it should be used in combination with other stretching methods, such as active stretching or dynamic stretching, to achieve a well-rounded stretching routine that addresses all aspects of flexibility and mobility.

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