Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Jnana yoga is one of the four main paths of yoga, along with Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, and Raja yoga. Jnana yoga is the path of knowledge and wisdom. The word “jnana” means knowledge or wisdom in Sanskrit.

  • Jnana yoga emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the true nature of the self, as well as the universe. It involves deep introspection and self-inquiry to gain knowledge of the true self, which is said to be pure consciousness and separate from the material world.
  • In Jnana yoga, the seeker uses the intellect as a tool to discriminate between what is real and what is unreal, or illusion. The ultimate goal of Jnana yoga is to achieve self-realization, which is the direct experience of one’s true nature as pure consciousness.
  • Jnana yoga can be practiced through various methods such as meditation, self-reflection, study of scriptures and philosophical texts, and by seeking guidance from a teacher who has attained self-realization.
  • In Jnana yoga, it is believed that the realization of the true self leads to liberation from suffering and the cycle of birth and death. It is considered to be the most difficult path of yoga, as it requires a sharp intellect, intense concentration, and a strong desire for self-realization. However, it is also believed to be the most direct path to achieving spiritual enlightenment.

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