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What Is Causing Low Back Pain In Forward Bending?

  • Forward bending is a common yoga posture that can cause low back pain if not done properly. Some of the common causes of low back pain in forward bending are:
  • Tight hamstrings: Tight hamstrings can cause the pelvis to tilt backward, which rounds the spine and can lead to low back pain.
  • Weak core muscles: The core muscles help to stabilize the spine, and if they are weak, the spine can collapse in forward bending, causing low back pain.
  • Compression of the lumbar spine: In some cases, the lumbar spine can compress in forward bending, causing pain.
  • Improper alignment: Forward bending should be done with proper alignment, including a long spine and a slight anterior tilt of the pelvis. If the alignment is off, it can cause low back pain.
  • Pre-existing conditions: People with pre-existing conditions like herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or osteoporosis may experience low back pain in forward bending due to their condition.
  • It is important to practice forward bending with proper alignment, engage the core muscles, and work on flexibility of the hamstrings to prevent low back pain. If you experience low back pain during forward bending, it is recommended to modify the pose or seek guidance from a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional.

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