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What is Bindu Chakra?

  • In the yogic tradition, Bindu Chakra is considered to be a subtle energy center or chakra located at the back of the head, just above the point where the spine meets the skull. It is also known as the ‘moon center’ or ‘dot center’ and is said to be associated with the qualities of intuition, wisdom, and spiritual insight.
  • Bindu Chakra is believed to be the meeting point of three main nadis or energy channels – the ida, pingala, and sushumna. It is also associated with the feminine aspect of the divine, which is represented by the moon, and is said to be the place where the individual soul (jivatma) meets the universal soul (paramatma).
  • According to some traditions, the awakening of Bindu Chakra can lead to a profound spiritual experience known as ‘amrita’ or ‘nectar of immortality’. This experience is said to be the result of the union of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, which leads to a state of bliss and liberation.
  • In yogic practices, there are various techniques that are said to help awaken Bindu Chakra, including meditation, pranayama, and visualization. These practices are aimed at purifying the energy channels and balancing the flow of prana or life force energy in the body, which can help to activate and awaken this subtle energy center.

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