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What is Atma Bodha?

  • Atma Bodha is a Sanskrit text written by the philosopher and saint Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century CE. It is a philosophical treatise that explores the nature of the self or atman, and the path to self-realization and liberation.
  • The title Atma Bodha means “Self-Knowledge,” and the text is structured as a series of verses that offer guidance and instruction on how to attain self-knowledge and spiritual realization. The verses cover a range of topics, including the nature of the self, the role of the mind and senses in perception, the relationship between the self and the body, and the path to liberation.
  • Atma Bodha is one of Adi Shankaracharya’s most famous works, and it has been translated into many languages and studied by scholars and practitioners of Vedanta around the world. The text emphasizes the importance of self-inquiry and self-knowledge in the spiritual quest, and it offers practical guidance for achieving these goals through meditation, contemplation, and other spiritual practices.
  • Overall, Atma Bodha is a profound and insightful text that continues to inspire and guide seekers on the path to self-realization and liberation.

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