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What is Agamas?

  • Agamas are a set of scriptures in Hinduism that primarily deal with the worship and rituals of the deities in temples. They provide instructions for various aspects of temple construction, deity worship, and rituals to be followed by priests and devotees. The Agamas are considered to be sacred texts, and they are believed to have been revealed by Lord Shiva to his consort Parvati.
  • There are three main categories of Agamas – Shaiva Agamas, Vaishnava Agamas, and Shakta Agamas. Each category is further divided into subcategories based on the deity being worshipped and the specific tradition being followed. Shaiva Agamas deal with the worship of Lord Shiva, Vaishnava Agamas with the worship of Lord Vishnu, and Shakta Agamas with the worship of the Divine Mother or Shakti.
  • The Agamas cover a wide range of topics, including temple construction, deity installation, deity worship, mantras, and rituals. They provide detailed instructions for the performance of various types of pujas, homas, and other spiritual practices. In addition to temple worship, the Agamas also discuss other aspects of spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga, and mantra chanting.

Overall, the Agamas play a crucial role in the practice of Hinduism, particularly in the realm of temple worship. They provide a framework for the proper construction of temples and the worship of deities, and they are regarded as essential texts for priests and devotees alike

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