Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Virabhadrasana – III (Warrior – III Pose)

  • This is warrior 2.
  • Start in Tadasana.
  • Then exhale into chair pose, keeping your thighs parallel to the mat as much as you can. From here exhale and step back into a lunge position, your right foot in front and left foot behind.
  • Inhale and turn your right foot out 90 degrees.
  • Turn your left foot inwards slightly so it is pointing in the direction of the right foot.
  • Then keep your arms parallel to the floor and lean down active from the torso so that your torso and arms are in a straight line.
  • Exhale and straighten the right leg as you go while simultaneously raising the back leg until it forms a straight line from toe to head.
  • Press strongly through the right leg and heel to balance.
  • Stay here breathing easily for thirty seconds.
  • Then slowly release the pose and come back to Tadasana.
  • Repeat the pose on the other side.


  • Balance concerns or vertigo
  • High blood pressure


  • Contract and tone the abdominal organs and makes the leg muscles
  • more shapely and sturdy.
  • It is recommended for runners, as it gives
  • vigour and agility. helps one to stand firmly on the soles of the feet,
  • keeps the stomach muscles in and gives agility to the body and the mind.

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