Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Viniyoga is about adapting and appropriately applying the teachings and practices of yoga according to each person’s needs, abilities, and interests. The method is based on the traditional guru-learner model in which highly competent and qualified teachers work individually with each student to create a personalized yoga program based on individual health, age, and physical conditions and limitations, including past and present. Injuries as well as personal potential and intention to exercise. Whether your goal is physical well-being, emotional balance, spiritual attainment, or any combination of these, Viniyoga aims to teach you how to start wherever you are, giving you the tools necessary to achieve your individual goals.

The Sanskrit term Viniyoga actually means distinction, adaptation and proper application. Teacher Viniyoga draws on the broad teachings of yoga, including asanas, pranayama, chanting, meditation, personal etiquette, and scripture learning. Teacher Viniyoga adjusts various practice methods and methods according to everyone’s needs to enhance overall and overall happiness sense. Support their intention to practice. This method emphasizes the principle of breathing as the main movement in asanas (the way of breathing when changing postures to produce different therapeutic effects), the biomechanics of yoga postures, the safe ordering and functional form, and once again adapted to the form of yoga. Various postures that meet individual needs can achieve various effects.

The class is a combination of dynamic movement and static maintenance, which can maintain posture alignment to maintain a consistent number of breaths, and take a short break in between. Viniyoga is also good at repetitive movements, including in and out postures, to warm the body, increase circulation to the target area, and trigger neuromuscular rearrangement. The scientific method aims to replace dysfunctional movement patterns with more functional ones that will not put too much pressure on your structure.

Ultimately, the personalized approach aims to provide students with insights into their own nature, thereby starting their own unique process of self-discovery and personal transformation. Viniyoga lays the foundation for deeper yoga practice in case you want to deepen your mental commitment, although this is not required. The integration of breath and body consciousness is an indispensable part of this method, just like breathing method. In addition to preparing and training students for sitting meditation, Viniyoga also teaches them to express their breath through continuous breathing awareness, which can calm the mind, balance the nervous system and relieve stress.

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