Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Posture

(Vajra – thunder bolt or diamond)


  • Come to (Dandasana) staff posture, by palms beside hip.
  • Slide towards left, bend at right leg knee, and rest it under right hip.
  • Same, bend left leg knee, place it under left hip.
  • Keep spine, neck, head straight.
  • Heel contacting with hip, toes pointing outward, inner calf muscles touching quadriceps muscle, knees together.
  • At fingers adopt Jnana Mudra by touching tip of index, thumb finger slightly and rest it on respective thigh.
  • Stay for 10 to 40 seconds, breathing completely by utilizing abdomen and chest area.
  • Return back, sliding towards right side, with palm support unfold both legs and relax.


  • This is the only one asana, immediately after food we can perform to aid digestion by stimulating Vajra Nadi.
  • Give suppleness to ankles, reduce thigh, hip extra fat.
  • Make spine straight and strong naturally.
  • It induces meditative state, so good for meditation.

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