Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Utthita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle Posture

(utthita – extended, tri – three, kon- angle)


  • Come to (Tadasana) Mountain Posture, by palms beside thighs.
  • Inhale keep legs apart for 3 to 4 foot according to your height, By arms straight, fingers together, inner palms facing downward.
  • Turn right foot outward to 90 degree, same left foot for 45 degree.
  • Keep both legs straight and strong.
  • Exhale Slide towards right side laterally, catch hold big toe with index, middle and thumb finger.
  • Keep spine and tail bone straight and extended, turning spine towards left side, gazing at tip of middle finger.
  • Stay for 10 to 20 seconds, by breathing normally.
  • Now bend right leg knee and come back to Tadasana.
  • Repeat same for left side, same length of duration.



  • Good for flat feet, neck pain, and sciatica.
  • Improves height, makes body aligned and balance both side.
  • Improves droop or hunch back.
  • Makes legs very stronger.
  • Strengthens the Calf, thigh muscles, and waist muscles and makes the spine flexible.
  • Strengthen the hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves, shoulders, chest, and spine .




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