Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

In Hindu philosophy, karma refers to the actions or deeds of an individual, which have consequences in the present or future. There are three main types of karma:

1. Sanchita karma: This refers to the accumulated karma of an individual over multiple lifetimes. It includes all the good and bad deeds that have not yet been resolved or neutralized.

2. Prarabdha karma: This refers to the karma that is being experienced by an individual in the present lifetime. It is the portion of sanchita karma that has been chosen to be worked on in the present lifetime.

3. Kriyamana karma: This refers to the karma that is created through an individual’s current actions or deeds. It is the karma that is being accumulated in the present and will impact future lifetimes.

In addition to these three types of karma, there is also the concept of karma yoga, which is the path of action or selfless service. It is believed that by performing actions without attachment to the results, an individual can avoid creating negative karma and can also work towards neutralizing their existing karma.

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