Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham, Yoga TTC program in Bangalore, India, will make you proficient in various “Spinal Twisting Asanas”. Our experts in this field will help you learn these techniques.

These are one of the important Asanas taught in the 200-hour Hatha Yoga program at the Karuna Yoga  Vidya Peetham, yoga teacher-training center in Bangalore, India. These are essential series of Asanas for the maintenance of a healthy spine. Every Asana program includes at least one practice from this group. It is ideal to practice spinal twisting Asanas after completing the forward and backward bending postures. The action of twist imposed on the spine and the whole trunk stimulates the muscles making the spinal column more flexible. In addition, the practice also empowers the spinal nerves. It furthermore, has a strong influence on the abdominal areas of the body, stretching and compressing them as the body twists from one direction to the other. It is important for the beginners to understand that to be aware of their own flexibility while practicing such twisting Asanas. Do not worry, Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham, yoga teacher training team will take care of all your concerns regarding this twisting Asanas..

The vast majority of the spinal twisting Asanas aids the Pranic flow in the Samana region, around the navel. This enhances the organs like the pancreas, kidneys, stomach, small digestion tracts, liver and gall bladder, soothes related scatters and restores the tissues. The Samana region is likewise associated with Manipura Chakra, a plexus of major Nadis or Pranic channels, providing to the entire body. These Asanas subsequently have a strong effect on the wellbeing of our health. Karuna Yoga  Vidya Peetham, yoga teacher training in Bangalore, India, is designed on the basis of such principles.

On the emotional and psychic levels, controlled twisting and untwisting convey a method for dealing with the knots and problems we experience. These Asanas give insight and inspire an efficient way to untie the tangled knots of life.

Right-handed people will find these Asanas are easily learned with the right side leading. They should then be practiced with the left side leading for balancing.

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