Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

This is a reclining pose where you hold onto the big toe. Lie flat on the ground with your legs stretched out, the knees straightened. Inhale and stretch the left leg so the it is perpendicular while the right leg is straight on the floor and the right hand is on the right thigh. With the left arm raised catch the left big toe between the left thumb and two left forefingers. Then raise the head on an exhale and pull the leg toward the head and trunk. Try and touch the chin to the left knee. Stay here for about thirty seconds breathing easily. Now, take your left hand and left leg and stretch them to the left side until both rest on the floor with the left leg at a right angle to the right leg. Now inhale and come out of the pose. Rest and repeat this on the other side.


Benefits: The legs will develop properly by the practice of this asana. Persons suffering from sciatica and paralysis of the legs will derive great benefit from it. The blood is made to circulate in the legs and hips where the nerves are rejuvenated. The pose removes stiffness in the hip joints and prevents hernia.

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