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The Yoga text – Yoga Vasista, explains the diseases originating from stress and diseases which are not due to stress.

Human emotions such as likes, dislikes, love, and hatred, create imbalance at the level of manomaya kosha and bring about the speed in mind called stress, which leads to the response of anxiety, depression, and anger and affects the various systems.

Acharya Patanjali describes five stress-producing factors called Kleshas. They are Avidya, Asmita, Raga, Dwesha, and Abhiniveshaha. Ignorance, ego, desire, dislike, and fear of change are the five stress-producing factors.

The fivefold kleshas are responsible for the onset of dukkha (pain) which may be physical or mental.

Diseases are considered as dukkha and can be overcome through chittavritti nirodha (regulation of mental modifications).

We could overcome the fivefold klesha by practicing kriya yoga, swadhyaya, ishwarapranidhana (surrendering to the divine), and by ashtanga yoga (Eight limbs of Yoga).

Keeping a positive attitude, practicing breathing techniques and meditation on various objects helps one to get rid of the Obstacles and therefore manage Stress and its impact on the body.

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