Karuna Yoga

Simhasana (lion’s pose)

Ghulphau cha vrshanasyadhah Sivantyah parsvayoh kshipet/

Dakshine savyaghulpham tu Dakshaghulpham tu savyake//(Chapter -1, Verse-50).

Place the ankles below the scrotum, right ankle on the left side, left ankle on the right side of the perineum. (Chapter -1,Verse-50).


Hastau tu janvoh samsthapya Svangghulih samprasarya cha /

Vyattavaktro niriksheta nasaghram susamahitah// (Chapter -1, Verse-51).

Place the palms on the knees, fingers spread apart, keep the mouth open and gaze at the nose tip with a concentrated mind.(Chapter -1, Verse-51).


Simhasanam bhavedetatpujitam yoghipungghavaih /

Bandhatritayasandhanam kurute chasanottamam//(Chapter -1, Verse-52).

This is simhasana, held in great esteem by the highest yogis. This most excellent asana facilitates the three bandhas. (Chapter -1, Verse-52).


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