Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Siddhasana (Adept’s Pose)

Yonisthanakam angghrimulaghatitam   Krtva drdham vinyaset /

Mendhre padam  athaikameva hrdaye Krtva hanum susthiram //

Sthanuh samyamitendriyoa chaladrsa pasyed bhruvor antaram/

Hyetan mokshakapatabhedajanakam Siddhasanam prochyate//(Chapter -1, Verse -35)

Press the perineum with the heel of one foot, place the other foot on top of the genitals. Having done this, rest the chin on to the chest. Remaining still and steady, with the senses controlled, gaze steadily into the eyebrow center; it breaks open the door to liberation. This is called siddhasana. (Chapter -1, Verse -35)

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