Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Ideal time to practice Hatha yoga

The ideal time to practice hatha yoga is morning and evening, however it can be practice anytime after one hour of eating food.

What place is ideal for hatha yoga

Yoga should be practiced indoors with minimum distraction

Type of diet for hatha yoga

Practitioner should eat very light food, less spice and oil as these food takes long time to digest.

Age limit for hatha yoga

There is no age limit to practice hatha yoga, however, extra care to be taken while taking class of elderly and young children as the bone density is very low of these age groups.

Does children can practice hatha yoga

Children can practice hatha yoga, however, the asana which needs to be holding for longer with zero momentum should be avoided for children as this can harm the growth of body.

Who should avoid inverted poses

People suffering with serious back problem, high blood pressure or heart conditions, hernia and intestinal tuberculosis should not do this practice

The time between bath and yoga practice

The yoga should be practice after at least 1 hour of bathing.

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